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Jason Wenk founded Advisor Control in 2009 based on a simple premise with high aspirations:

Advisor Control was born of equal parts inspiration and frustration: inspiration to share experiences with marketing, building a successful financial advisory practice, creating killer investment portfolios, and automating the business to the extent you gain complete control of your life; and frustration with the torrent of conflicting advice and common questions I see absolutely everywhere.

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Jason has had his hands full since then. His firm has grown to nearly $2 billion in managed assets, was ranked by Inc. 500 as the 15th fastest-growing private company in the country, and has met, mentored, and befriended hundreds of financial advisors. Because of this phenomenal growth, Jason has shifted his focus to other areas, which means he won’t be able to contribute directly to Advisor Control any more.

But he’s also amassed a staff of over 40 people – including business development associates, designers, developers, traders, financial planners, and more. What this means for you the reader, is a continuation of the values he laid out all those years back. It also means a wealth of collective knowledge will be coming your way on the topics you care most about. Jason will still be involved at a high level and chime in when possible, but we’re confident in being his voice as he continues to share his vast knowledge with us, the Advisor Control team.

We’re keeping all of the old posts; try to look past the outdated video quality – there’s still killer content in there worth checking out.

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Written by John