How to (and why you should) Build a Tribe

In order to have a truly awesome financial advisory firm you need to stand for something.  Once you stand for something you need to make it known to the world so people who share your passion will follow your lead.  You need to lead and connect with the unique people that need the unique skills you offer better than anyone else.

You don’t need to hypnotize clients with your ninja sales skills.  You don’t need to dupe people into believing they need shit products that get you rich and don’t work worth shit for the client.  You don’t need more leads, more appointments, or more time.

You need to be a heretic.  You need to start a movement worth following, then arm your Tribe with ways to passionately help you to grow your tribe and grow the movement.


Rant done, so now check out this video of Seth Godin (author of Tribes) explain Tribes:


Written by jwenk