An Introduction to

Advisor Control was born of equal parts inspiration and frustration: inspiration to share experiences with marketing, building a successful financial advisory practice, creating killer investment portfolios, and automating the business to the extent you gain complete control of your life; and frustration with the torrent of conflicting advice and common questions I see absolutely everywhere.

It’s time to centralize the conversation and share both the experiences and resources needed to make a killing while truly helping clients and aggressively reclaiming your time.

It’s important we start by defining our end-game: ultra mobility, business automation, and complete financial freedom.

Working 80-hour weeks and letting the market dictate personal enjoyment is simply out of the question. We’ll throw everything conventional that is in-efficient and ingrained into advisor psyche and throw it out the window. The focus is an essentially hands-off, automated way of generating revenue that lets us focus on far more important facets of your life: time with family, friends, exploring passions, travel, philanthropy, and so on.

Consider Advisor Control your no-bullshit resource for all facets of achieving such a lifestyle, focused on rapid practice development, niche market testing, fanatical portfolio simplification and complete process automation to give you more of what you can never get back once it’s gone – your time.

Simplify & Clarify

Let’s strip down the topic of creating Advisor Control to its absolute simplest form:

1. Identify a need within a niche audience/market segment
2. Develop a one-of-a-kind solution that satisfies this need
3. Enable clients to pay you in exchange for your solution’s value

Given the simplicity, why do so many think building a high margin, highly automated, and extremely profitable financial advisory practice as a sort of unattainable end? The answer is just as simple: failure to clarify the unknown. As a whole, it all seems rather complex and overwhelming. Combined with the archaic business building notions of an industry that has continued to do the same things over and over again somehow expecting results to improve – it’s no wonder the burnout, turnover and frustration felt by the majority of financial advisors.

Where do you start and how do you ever know if you’re going about things in the so-called ‘right way’? The short answer is: you don’t. When it comes to gathering assets and clients, there is no right or wrong, but rather effective or ineffective approaches.

  • Some advisors swear by cold calling – others fail miserably and hate every minute of it
  • Some advisors build a business that consumes their life; while others never work more than 20 hours a week and take months off each year
  • Some advisors build massive businesses; then lose massive chunks every time the market crashes – while others do most of their building in down years and never lose sleep over market direction
  • Some advisors swear by seminar marketing – while others do a few, lose tens of thousands, and declare them a huge waste of time and money
  • At every single step of the way, you simply need to be as effective as possible and convert desire, need, or curiosity into new ideal clients and assets under management.

What’s ahead?

Derived from the life and business lessons learned while building a $100 million+ RIA firm, as well as ongoing participation within the financial advisor community, you can expect Advisor Control to detail explorations, experiments and resources toward building the ultimate financial management practice. As a quick overview…

Marketing Genius

My firm has spent over $300,000 testing nearly all conceivable means of marketing for financial advisors. We’ll share, in detail, exactly what we’ve done. What works, what doesn’t, where you’ll get the most return on investment, and the fastest ways to build an ideal client base.

We’ll also give away all of the marketing document we use – for FREE. Rather than waste tens of thousands buying crap that doesn’t work – we’ll show you all of our stuff, tell you the results of each marketing experiment, and then let you download it for free to benefit in any way you see fit.

If that’s not enough – you can submit your marketing material for review. We’ll create video critiques of the material received so everyone using can get our take on what should be done with the marketing plan to get it on track for the best results possible.

Practice Automation

Most finanacial advisors waste time, energy and money because they are constantly at the beck and call of their clients, staff, and market girations. We (people) were not built to live this way.

Whether you’re a technophobe or a process neophyte – we’ll show you how to automate your practice so you always have complete control of your business and life. There are numerous easy to use technologies and processes that any advisor can implement to almost immediately eliminate multiple hours per day and multiple days per week of wasted time.

You’ll see exactly how to do this and even get some free software and templates to get your business working for you regardless of your physical presence.

Smarter Asset Management

Since managing client assets is the core of most fee-based financial advisor practices it only makes sense it’s done effectively and with high probability of sucess.

Unfortunately, most asset management sucks. Over 80% of money managers fail to outperform their benchmarks and many long-standing academic principals of investing are suspect at best.

For some advisors, though, the ability to leverage the mass failure of most of the industry will create tremendous opportunities. These opportunities can be identified and used by advisors willing to break the mold and find true probable success. Don’t let this intimidate you right now; we’ll show you exactly what some of the most successful asset managers are doing, how their doing it, and how you can create similar benefits for your clients in a completely automated way.

In a nutshell you’ll get knowledge here about managing money that cannot be found anywhere on the planet. This knowledge will allow you to gather assets from high net worth and ultra high net worth investors like most have never seen. It will get very, very interesting.

The New Rich Lifestyle

There is more to life than work. And with all the free time created by automating your entire business we’ll show you how to create mobility and flexibility like most cannot even imagine. There are advisors who literally make many hundreds of thousands per year and work less than 10 hours per week, take the entire summer off, and travel the globe like a digital nomad.

While this lifestyle is not for everyone – we’ll show you how to make it a reality if you wish. Or, if you just want to hang around the house, play some golf, go sailing, volunteer…whatever suits you.

The important aspect here is creating a lifestyle that is rich beyond just money – which become very easy when your income is high and your time freedom even higher.

In Conclusion

Advisor Control is unlike anything financial advisors have ever seen. Nothing is for sale. Nothing is off limits. To get complete access to this radical experiment in sharing secrets to million dollar production just enter your name and email in the box near the top of this page. You’ll get sent a password to give you access to hours and hours of free videos, all the marketing experiments, and all the free documents.

You’d better buckle up – it’s going to get really exciting around here.

Written by jwenk