Advisor Control was born of equal parts inspiration and frustration: inspiration to share experiences with marketing, building a successful financial advisory practice, creating killer investment portfolios, and automating the business to the extent you gain complete control of your life; and frustration with the torrent of conflicting advice and common questions we see absolutely everywhere.
It’s time to centralize the conversation and share both the experiences and resources needed to make a killing while truly helping clients and aggressively reclaiming your time. It’s important we start by defining our end-game: ultra mobility, business automation, and complete financial freedom.

Working 80-hour weeks and letting the market dictate personal enjoyment is simply out of the question. We’ll throw everything conventional that is in-efficient and ingrained into advisor psyche and throw it out the window. The focus is an essentially hands-off, automated way of generating revenue that lets us focus on far more important facets of your life: time with family, friends, exploring passions, travel, philanthropy, and so on.


Consider Advisor Control your no-bullshit resource for all facets of achieving such a lifestyle, focused on rapid practice development, niche market testing, fanatical portfolio simplification and complete process automation to give you more of what you can never get back once it’s gone — your time.