Thinking of any radical with your business?

As a financial advisor it’s easy to go with the flow.  Don’t rock the boat.  Wear a suit and tie.  Be boring.

Well check out what these guys are doing…

They are rocking the boat for sure.  Took a chance – and are crushing it.

Now I wouldn’t recommend dropping the F Bomb in your advisory business name, but doing what you do for passion – on that I’m all in.

– JW

Difference between advisors and salespeople

Thanks to Brad Johnson at Advisors Excel for forwarding this to me.  A cool video that shows one advisors visual of the difference between advisors (fiduciaries) and salespeople (brokers/agents/etc).

If nothing else let this inspire you to create your own cool videos for your website that help your clients and potential clients understand in entertaining, simple ways what you do differently and why they should trust you.



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